5 Fun Back to School Crate Projects from Crates & Pallet

Organize your family with easy to make, easy on the budget projects


ATLANTA, GA - July 8, 2015 - Crates and Pallet is home to products and projects featuring a variety of crates and pallets. Its national "Back to School" campaign starts today and runs through early August. As part of this campaign, Crates and Pallet teamed up with four bloggers, and are featuring their projects on their website and their social media sites, with step-by-step project instructions on their Blog

The bloggers used small and large crates from Crates and Pallet (please visit http://thd.co/1Gf75kl and http://thd.co/1DJ7j6U to see the crates) to create cool back to school themed projects. In addition, Crates and Pallet is featuring one of its own creations, a crate desk. 

"We're excited to showcase some new fun back to school projects and hope these projects will motivate DIYers and crafters to create projects with our crates for their home and dorm," said Kara Deason, Marketing Director for Crates and Pallet. "These economical projects will help organize your dorm room or room at home to store backpacks, lunch boxes, sports equipment, band equipment, and the list goes on."

First up are cool Locker Cubbies by blogger Jaime Costiglio from That's My Letter (www.thatsmyletter.blogspot.com). Jaime says her kids really like them, and even though they are out of school for the summer, they have already filled them up with their school supplies. The Locker Cubbies were created out of six small crates and six large crates. Organize your family using these six cubbies and six drawers during the school year and all summer long to store crafts, books, pens, scarves or practically anything. There's no age limit on this piece and you can paint or stain it in any color you can image. 

Next is Mudroom Storage Cubbies. Pauline Henderson from My Altered State (www.myalteredstate.co) designed these cool pieces with five large and three small crates. Kids and adults of all ages will stay organized with these cubbies where they can hang up backpacks and jackets, store boots, books and sports equipment. Don't have a mudroom? No problem! These cubbies will fit in a closet, garage, or any area of your home. If you are short on space, these cubbies are long on organizing your space. 

Third on the list is the Garage Sports Organization Area made by Maryann Caballero from Domestically Speaking (www.domesticallyspeaking.com). This project organizes all of your sporting equipment and summer fun actives into one area- beach chairs, sand buckets, balls, tennis racquets, and other sporting goods are all in one place, so they are always easy to find. Maryann used two large, two extra large, two medium, two tall, and two vegetable crates to make this cool garage organizer. 

The fourth project is an Equipment Storage Unit. Designed by Melaine Thompson from My Sweet Savannah (www.mysweetsavannahblog.com), this handy sports equipment storage unit holds everything from sporting equipment, boots, totes, awards, and more. Melanie used six large crates to create this economical way to store all of your home athlete's gear year-round. 

And finally, the Crate Desk by Crates and Pallet was created with eight large crates with six small crates used for the drawers. Students of all ages can do their homework form this fun and thrifty desk. The easy design is one of several you can create using crates. Adults can use it in their office or it makes a great crafting desk. Dress up the drawers with cool handles and you can paint or stain it to match any decor. 

Large and small crates used in these projects are available at The Home Depot Stores (through August 5th or while supplies last) and always online at http://thd.co/100G1wG. Crates and Pallet makes new crates and pallets in various sizes that are sold to major big box retailers. The company strives to keep up with current market trends in order to continue to provide valuable products that generate ideas and spark creativity. For more information on Crates & Pallet, please visit us at www.cratesandpallet.com or call us at 1-877-926-6464. 

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For more photography, more exciting projects, and to download instructions for these projects, please visit: http://bit.ly/1KMgyVv