Celebrate Summer with Projects from Crates & Pallet

ATLANTA, GA– June 29, 2017Crates & Pallet is home to products and projects featuring a variety of crates and pallets.  Its national “Summer Fun with Crates & Pallet” campaign starts July 6 and runs through August 27, or while supplies last. As part of this campaign, Crates & Pallet teamed up with Brepurposed blogger, Bre Bertolini and is featuring her project, along with a project made in-house, on its website and social media sites, with step-by-step project instructions.  Projects will be posted by the week of July 10.

The projects used large crates from Crates & Pallet (please visit https://thd.co/2hv6WCR to see the crates) to create these innovative projects that may be enjoyed any time of year. 

“We’re excited to feature new fun projects and we hope these projects will motivate DIYers and crafters to create projects with our crates for their home, outdoor living space or office,” said Kara Deason, Marketing Director for Crates & Pallet.  “These economical projects will help keep you organized all year long.” 

This Modern Raised Crate Planter was created by Bre Bertolini of Brepurposed (www.brepurposed.com).  According to Bre, a project on her summer to do list was to build a garden, but as the days are passing by, she realized it might not be feasible this year. She really wanted to have some fresh herbs and vegetables to use in their meals, so she thought a small raised planter would be the perfect solution. “It not only fits in perfectly with my modern decor, but creates just the right amount of space to grow some delicious herbs and veggies,” said Bre.  She used two large crates from Crates & Pallet that are simply held together using wood glue. She then cut some 2x2 boards to size to build the frame and attached those together with a nail gun and some screws for reinforcement. The crates then slid perfectly right into the base and she used some more screws to hold them in place. She stained the crate planter with Dark Walnut stain and sealed it up with Polyurethane. 

Matt Campbell from Crates & Pallet created this bookshelf using six large crates. Inspiration for this project came from a midcentury modern bookcase that cost $1200, and Crates & Pallet built it for $150!  This bookshelf may be used in any room of your home and would also be perfect for your office or dorm room.  Books are the obvious choice to fill the shelves, and decorative items also add a nice touch and color.  Matt stacked the crates artistically in an offset alignment in a frame built from 2x10 boards. The boards were cut into two different lengths to form the frame pattern and initially secured using a brad nailer. Once everything was squared up, the boards were secured with three-inch wood screws. The frame is stained with American Walnut while the crates are left unfinished. Bonus: This bookshelf can be set on its side and used as a console, great for your entryway as a place to put your keys and mail. 

Large crates used in these projects are available at The Home Depot stores and always online at http://thd.co/29a98gN. Crates & Pallet makes new crates and pallets in various sizes that are sold to major big box retailers. The company strives to keep up with current market trends in order to continue to provide valuable products that generate ideas and spark creativity. For more information on Crates & Pallet, please visit us at www.cratesandpallet.com or call us at 1-800-241-5818.

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