Crates & Pallet Creates, Fun, Economical Storage and Decor for the Dorm

ATLANTA, GA - August 4, 2015 - Crates and Pallet is home to products and projects featuring a variety of crates and pallets. It's "Back to School Campaign" continues and is focusing on economical ways to add storage and decor to any dorm room. The company has recently built fun furniture and decor using its small and large wood crates and half pallets to outfit an entire dorm room. 

For just a little over $350.00 in Crates and Pallets products, using seven small crates, 21 large crates and two half pallets, this dorm room was transformed into a wonderful student home. Not only is this decorating on a budget, but a dorm room made up of wooden crates makes for easy moving the next school year! 

A half pallet was used to create a headboard for the bed, and hooks were added to the side to hang headphones or phone cords. Adding casters to large crates makes for easy and accessible under the bed storage. The crate desk fits perfectly into the room and is just one of many desk designs that you can build using crates. This one in particular is made using eight large crates for the desk frame and six small crates for the drawers. A half pallet was painted with chalkboard paint to create a wall calendar above the desk. The large crates also make great floating shelves above the bed. A scone was made out of a small crate by drilling a one inch hole at one end of the crate and attaching a pendant kit. After attaching the kit, you are able to screw in a lightbulb for a cool light! Finally, a leaning bookshelf was created by stacking five large crates in a ladder-like form. Two side panels with mitered ends raise the crates and allow them to lean against the wall. 

Large and small crates used in these projects are available at The Home Depot Stores and as always online at Crates and pallet makes new crates and pallets in various sizes that are sold to major big box retailers. The company strives to keep up with current market trends in order to continue to provide valuable products that generate ideas and spark creativity. For more information on Crates and Pallet, please visit us at or call us at 1-877-926-6464

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